Extreme Orgasm Climaxing Pills

Extreme Orgasm Climaxing Pills

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Whether your orgasm isn't impressing your partner, you can't orgasm at all or if you'd simply like to experience a heightened climax, V95 Extreme Orgasm Climaxing Pills could be perfect for you! Designed to help you achieve a deeper, longer and altogether more satisfying orgasm, these extreme climaxing pills will leave both you and your partner literally shaking with pleasure in the bedroom. Take just one of these orgasm pills and you'll soon start to experience a nail-clenching, toe-curling end to each and every one of your sexual encounters.


Take one pill 30 Ð 60 minutes before sexual activity or take one per day. Can be taken with meals or with water.


Shell: Gelatine, Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate.


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