With Coronavirus currently sweeping the world, and millions doing all they can to prevent the illness, the best thing that everyone can do is to wash your hands properly. With the proper hand-washing technique, you aren’t just protecting yourself from this specific virus – you’re also protecting yourself from a wide range of other illnesses, viruses and infections. From flu to food poisoning.

So how can you keep your hands squeaky-clean and get through self-isolation in one piece? Here’s what is currently recommended to ensure all trace of germs and nasties are removed from your hands:

Wash your hands for at least a full twenty seconds – this can be to the beat of whatever song you like, though happy birthday is a popular option. You could even set a timer if you prefer to stay on-task using tech around the home.

Wet your hands before applying soap – this not only increases the effectiveness of washing but ensures your hands are less dried-out by the washing process.

Apply soap and wash thoroughly, rubbing your hands together to form suds before cleaning the back of each hand, cleaning between your fingers and rubbing your palms, thumbs and knuckles. Be careful not to miss anything out.

Rinse off the soap with clean water, and dry thoroughly using disposable towelling where possible.

Apply moisturiser to keep your skin elastic and moisturised – our Yummy Mummy Velvet Hands cream is a great place to start.

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