So what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is all about being fully present in the moment. Gaining greater awareness of yourself and the things around you can help bring a great deal of mind and body balance to your life. Even top celebs like Katy Perry and Madonna have reportedly been known to practise the art of mindfulness. Many other people look to mindfulness to not only find balance but also as an alternative to other remedies to relax and treat depression. There are many ways you can integrate mindfulness into your daily life without having to lose hours in contemplation.

1. Practise first thing in the morning

Practising mindfulness first thing in the morning can make for a great start to your routine. Balancing yourself early on by breathing deeply and setting intentions can help promote a productive and calm day.

2. Practise mindfulness during mundane tasks

Whether you’re doing housework or just brushing your teeth, it's a great time to spend that time that you normally spend on autopilot or ruminating over problems to practise mindfulness. Focus on your breathing or notice the sensations in your body.

3. Set a time to meditate

Meditation can really enhance mindfulness by focusing on your breath and the moment you're existing in. Take time out of your day, where you won't be interrupted, to do nothing except clear your mind and just be. It’s the perfect stress relief solution that can benefit those struggling with mental barriers.

4. Bring mindfulness into your eating

We are all guilty of eating without thinking, taking the fork from plate to mouth repeatedly without really considering what we are doing. This is a perfect opportunity to be mindful of what and how you are eating and practise gratitude for the food you are consuming. Not only can this bring mental balance, but it could also benefit the body, by slowing down your chewing and aiding digestion or simply being more mindful about making healthier food choices.

5. Bring mindfulness into your exercise

There’s never a better time to be present than on a leisurely walk or during a gentle swim. Spend time appreciating the sounds, scents and sights of your surroundings and the reasons you have to be grateful.

Whatever you choose to do with your day, seeking the opportunity to be present and mindful can truly enrich your life and help you find permanent balance.

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