Who doesn’t want to last longer in bed? The fun isn’t in the climax, but how you get there. There are plenty of ways to ensure you’re getting the most fun out of every sex session so that both you and your partner have a night (or morning, or afternoon…) to remember.

Take it slow

The key to lasting longer sounds obvious, but just take it slow. Start with foreplay, and let that linger. Not only will it let you truly enjoy each other before racing to finish line, but you’ll find that climax is even stronger because of the effort you’ve put in.

Distract yourself

If you’re finding things are really going too fast, try taking your mind off things for a minute. Don’t take it too far – start planning your food shop in your head and things will likely go cold quickly. But a brief diversion can help push that ending a touch back.

Get a little help

We have a fantastic range of safe products to help you delay yourself that little bit longer in bed. Whether it’s sprays, creams or pills, these provide that little bit of breathing room to give you that porn star feeling, rather than a fleeting moment that won't be one to remember.