In a world where we're judged so much on our appearance and with summer just around the corner, most women are doing their best to get summer body ready. And there's one area we'd all love to have at its finest – our bums!

Having a beautiful, perky bum is, for many, just a dream. Or it was! Things have changed and there are now many things we can do to enhance our derrieres. The good news is, is that it doesn't have to involve hours in the gym squatting!

We're not saying hang up your trainers and never exercise again. We all need to live a healthy lifestyle that includes this, but we are talking extra steps to ensure we have a bum that could rival Kim Kardashian West and all the other perky bum elites.

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One you could try is the Bootymax Bum Enhancing Gel – it works by managing the firmness of the tissues while simultaneously re-hydrating the skin - leaving your skin smooth to the touch and improving the appearance of cellulite.