Foreplay is an important part of a relationship. It helps you to prepare mentally, along with offering other benefits. So why else should you be doing more of it?

1. Invites exploration

Understanding your partner involves more than sex. The body has so many sensitive places waiting to be explored. Foreplay allows you to find out what makes your partner scream with pleasure, whether it’s performing oral or touching nipples with your lips or tongue. If you struggle with your gag reflex our spray could be just what you need https://www.foreverfeeling.com/collections/agent-seduction/products/deep-throat-numbing-spray-ftr274.

2. Helps both partners to orgasm

If you struggle to orgasm during sex the whole thing can seem a disaster. Not everyone feels satisfied with just sex. Our erection pills are great for helping him to feel more turned on and combined with foreplay are the perfect combination https://www.foreverfeeling.com/collections/naughty-but-nice/products/rise-for-the-occasion-erection-pills-ftr308.

3. Calms both partners before having sex

Foreplay can help you to relax and to feel less pressure so you can enjoy the moment to its fullest.

4. Perfect for those who struggle to last

If you or your partner struggle to last during sex, foreplay can help to increase the length of time you are intimate together.

5. Offers a chance to put on contraceptive

There’s nothing more awkward than waiting for a partner to take out the condom. Foreplay can help safe sex to feel more natural. As you touch your partner's body, you can quickly equip for the main event.

6. It’s recognised as a popular love-making technique

Foreplay is a great way to recognise and appreciate your partner's body and can make the act of lovemaking more balanced and reciprocal. Love Island has been popular for showing how seduction and teasing should be done. Charm, wit, and touching all play a role. So what was the point? To test each other’s boundaries and compatibility. Foreplay can establish how experimental your partner is in the bedroom.

So, as you can see, there are some great reasons to spend more time on foreplay. Don’t forget to follow our blog https://www.foreverfeeling.com/blogs/news to find other ways to get the most out of your session together.